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Blood Glucose Monitoring System



At AIDEX Pro-tect, we believe in the power of technology to transform diabetes care. Founded in 2023, we strive to provide quality diabetes care solutions at significant savings, all while making a real difference in patients' lives. Our commitment to improving lives is what drives us every day. Come join us and experience the AIDEX Pro-tect difference.


AIDEX Pro-tect is perfect for improved glycemic control. Track and control sugar levels with dynamic glucose information every 5 mins throughout the day and night. See trends in real time so you can act earlier when sugar levels are starting to rise or drop. Help improve HbA1c levels as you tailor insulin doses more carefully.

Eliminate finger prick tests while making diabetes management decisions easier.

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"I have to continuously monitor my blood glucose levels and this has made it so easy for me.
The whole system is really simple to use and I love how discreet it is for when I’m out and about. It’s affordable and well worth the money. I can’t fault it, highly recommend!"

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